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Learn more about the author and his love for Bali

Hi, my name is Kai-jens Meyer

In 1999, I discovered Bali for myself and since then have traveled there several times (if possible then at least once a year) and have met many people in the time and made friends and of course discovered the beauties of the island.

Since I first spent my holidays on this wonderful island in 1999, I immediately fell in love with this island and since 2013 I come back every year and meanwhile have almost more friends in Bali than at home. Every year I organize a holiday of 2-4 weeks in the Villa Anjing. There are various tours offered by the organizer on site. I offer my help with questions and give tips about Bali.
Everyone makes the flight bookings and bookings of the bungalows themselves. Who books the bungalows about me, of course, also gets an invoice from the organizer. I myself do not want to enrich myself with the guests.
For flight bookings, I can only help with advice. Everyone has to book in the end.

I spend most of the year in Hungary. That’s why I always plan my travels from Hungary, Croatia or Austria. What is just the cheapest version to get from A to B – B like Bali.