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Excursion “C” – Frangipani Gardens and Tirta Gangga

Excursion “C” – Frangipani Gardens and Tirta Gangga

Excursion “C” is something for lovers and friends of the Frangipanis (Plumerias). He leads first to the Frangipani Gardens in Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Here, a private collector planted hundreds of different frangipanis on a huge area. The entrance fee of just under 1.50 € is very affordable and you (provided you like these plants) can stay there for hours and enjoy the different colors and scents.

Of course there is also a coffee in the Frangipani Gardens where you get the famous BALI COPI or other soft drinks or snacks.

The tour then continues north to the old Royal Palace TIRTA GANGGA. Here you can now swim in one of the large pools and pass the time. If you do not want to do that, you can walk across the water like Jesus and visit the expansive area and certainly take some pictures. Again, there are restaurants or small food stalls against hunger and thirst.

For me, visiting the Frangipani Gardens was an incredible experience. Then the royal gardens of Tirta Gangga. A wonderful day!