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The land of gods

Informations about Bali

Finally, you are informed always more relaxed on vacation!

Bali is one of the many islands of Indonesia and one of the most popular holiday destinations in Indonesia.

The monetary currency in Indonesia is called “rupiah” and currently the price is 1 € = 17,300 rupiah. You should exchange money only in public places and not on small stalls, where perhaps the course looks better. If you get this then ….

Money can also be withdrawn at all corresponding (Maestro symbol) designated ATMs. ATTENTION: The ATM always shows which bills it issues. Either only 50,000 or only 100,000 notes. So if you take out € 300 on a machine with 50,000 notes, you should take a bag for the money!

Be careful in the sun!

Bali is only a few degrees below the equator. The sun is burning hot here and even in the shade you can quickly catch a sunburn. I always recommend sun protection factor 50 and a cap (at least on the beach) to avoid a sunstroke. Always drink plenty of water! A minimum of 2 liter water per day is recommended!

Important things

All renowned airlines fly to Bali. There are currently no direct flights from Europe to Bali.

Low prices available from: London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Zagreb.
Unfortunately, Germany and Austria are always positioned in the higher price range.

Recommended airlines: Qatar Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways

For flight research I recommend: Momondo

Visa: If you stay for a maximum of 30 days, you do not need an extra visa. If you want to stay longer, you must contact the visa office at the airport!

Vaccinations: Are currently not required for Bali.

Pass: Should be valid for at least 6 months upon entry.

Patience: You have to have Bali always and everywhere! Punctuality is no strength of the Balinese!

Taxi: Only a few drive to by meter. Price therefore always negotiate before you start the trip!