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Luwak Coffee

For coffee experts

Kopi Luwak

The coffee for coffee experts

At some point long ago, a man came up with the strange idea of ​​selecting coffee beans from the feces of the wildcat and then cleaning and roasting them. What emerged is the now world famous and popular LUWAK COFFEE (or as the Balinese say: KOPI LUWAK).

The type of bean used for this coffee has a very hard shell which can not be opened in a conventional way by simple means. Only through a special enzyme in the digestive tract of the wild cat, the shell is so soft that it can then be easily removed. The cat eats the coffee beans and excretes them over the droppings again. In the drying process, the feces of the cat are then separated from the coffee beans and removed.

The Luwak coffee is then roasted like traditional coffee and painted and then offered for drinking.
The aroma of the Luwak coffee is really delicious, it develops a pleasant smell and while drinking you can feel the unique taste of this coffee.

In no case should one concern oneself with the path taken by the coffee beans from the shrub to the finished coffee. It is only important that the coffee tastes good and is digestible.

In Bali you can taste the Luwak coffee in many places (1.50 € – 2 € per cup). The best quality is obtained from freshly brewed Luwak coffee. Only dissolved in hot water, its aroma unfolds not quite as strong as swept by a sieve Luwak coffee.