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Excursion “B” – discover nature and visit Tanah Lot temple

Excursion “B” – discover nature and visit Tanah Lot temple

Excursion “B” is a trip to the nature of Bali. We’ll show you places a package tourist will most likely never see. It goes to the waterfalls at Bangli. A fantastic place, as it is hidden in the middle of the rainforest and only a few tourists get lost here. Then we show you more beautiful spots in Bali (rice fields, orchards and much more).

Next, the tour then leads to the most famous temple in Bali. “TANAH LOT”. This is the beginning of the end of the world for the Balinese, and here is one of their most important temples. As a tourist you can at low tide right down to the foot of the temple but NEVER in the temple itself. At the foot of the temple you can caress the holy serpent for ~ 2 €, the priests will search for the flood and dig up every time. ATTENTION, this is the “3-Step-Snake”. After the bite you still have 3 steps to death! Therefore, PUNCH AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Tanah Lot can be visited during the day or at sunset. You have to specify this when planning the tour. In any case, there will always be a lot of tourists on the spot.

Tanah Lot in the sunset is really an experience. I would always choose the variant. Even though we missed the sunset by 15 minutes in 2016 ...