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Excursion “A” – Monkey Forest, Rice Terraces, Hanging Gardens

Excursion “A” – Monkey Forest, Rice Terraces, Hanging Gardens

Excursion “A” shows you one of the most beautiful parts of Bali. Your tour starts at 9 o’clock from the villa (time can of course also be adjusted on request) and leads you first in the monkey forest near Ubud. There you can spend as long as you like the time with the countless monkeys. ATTENTION: In the monkey forest please carry sunglasses in your handbag and no loose items. The monkeys steal and are then very quickly disappeared with their prey!

After the stay in the monkey forest we continue to the huge rice fields Tegalalang. Here you should plan at least 2 hours for a complete tour / inspection of the rice fields. Take enough small change, because when entering the rice fields, the farmers usually want a small fee. You can walk through all fields completely and of course you should allow enough space for photos or videos.

If you want, you can eat or drink in one of the many on-street restaurants.

It was a sight that I will never forget in my life. The rice fields are beautiful. I could have stayed there all day!

Afterwards we continue to the Hanging Gardens where they get coffee tasting 80m above the jungle on wooden platforms. Except for the Luwak coffee, all samples are free. I highly recommend you try a cup of luwak coffee. Just do not think about which path the coffee bean took before roasting …