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A piece of Bali

Use the time to experience a piece of "typical Bali"

Typically Balinese

What would a holiday in Bali be like if you did not get to know one of the typical Balinese life? These include typical Balinese food and drinks or typical Balinese customs.

All excursions listed here are organized by us. You can of course use our driver service for the respective trips. Please note, for example, that the “Babi Guling” food must be booked and confirmed at least 2 days in advance.

  • “Babi Guling” eat suckling pig

    Certainly a typical Balinese experience. However, it is not suitable for everyone. You should not necessarily pay too much attention to hygiene and a stable stomach should also be available. The baby pig is ordered 1-2 days in advance (the size depends on the number of people). The pig is then roasted all day on fire and in the evening that begins to eat the "Babi Guling"....

  • Climb the Volcano

    What would a stay in Bali be without visiting one of the active volcanoes there. A special experience is the ascent of a volcano at night to enjoy the sunrise over Bali in the morning. An absolutely unique experience. Of course, you can also look into the crater of the volcano....

  • Durian the queen of fruits

    Known from film and television is the Durian. This royal fruit is often referred to as stink fruit. Anyone who has ever come close to an open, ripe durian, knows why this fruit is so called. The stench is reminiscent of a bio garbage bin in the summer at 30 degrees Celsius in the shade. Balinese love this fruit and sometimes celebrate real Durian parties but then held outdoors. Why? Of course because of the smell! Inside, the durian is soft with white pulp. The pulp can be crushed on the tongue. The taste is not as severe as the smell and 90% of the subjects would eat the durian again. ...