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Transfer Service Airport – Villa – Airport

Safe from the airport to the villa and back

Our transfer service: Airport - Villa - Airport

Arrive safely from the airport to the villa and after a relaxing holiday in Bali also safely back to the airport.

If you have booked your stay at Villa Anjing including transfer service (transfer prices) then it will work very well and one of our drivers will take you safely from Denpasar Airport (DPS) to the villa and then at the end of your Bali vacation again safe from the villa back to the airport.

What should I do?

Upon arrival at Denpasar airport you will need to clear customs first. Depending on the time of day and number of landed machines, it can take from 15 minutes to unfortunately sometimes 2.5 hours until you are through customs. Do not throw away your boarding pass. Since 2018, the customs officers at entry usually require this. In May 2018, we witnessed that a passenger was denied entry because he no longer had a boarding pass.

After customs, a random screening of the baggage is carried out.

Now you leave the security area. In front of you is a crowd (all driver of hotels and your driver is also there). Look for the sign (see picture above right) with your name. Then go to the driver so that he “knows” you and then go outside through the duty free shop into the hall. There the driver will wait and drive you safely to Villa Anjing. Depending on the time of day and traffic, this can take between 20 and 40 minutes.

Can I also take a taxi?

Can you, but then, firstly, the price is uncertain, it is not certain that the driver really knows where the Villa Anjing is and often is the annoyance of the driver after a long flight then too annoying. All taxi drivers want to sell excursions and the like immediately. Therefore we recommend our transfer service to our guests.

Typical situation in the arrivals hall of Denpasar Airport (DPS).
In the picture, the number of drivers is still relatively low …