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“Babi Guling” eat suckling pig

Traditional balinese food!

“Babi Guling” eat suckling pig

Certainly a typical Balinese experience. However, it is not suitable for everyone. You should not necessarily pay too much attention to hygiene and a stable stomach should also be available.

The baby pig is ordered 1-2 days in advance (the size depends on the number of people). The pig is then roasted all day on fire and in the evening that begins to eat the “Babi Guling”.
There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, Balinese hot sauce and rice.
Typically, there is “Arrak”, a very strong (undiluted strong smelling) liquor that is often made from rice but rarely also from the flowers of the palm.
For such an evening you have to expect about 100-150 USD.

Our driver service will take you directly to the “Warong” where you will eat the “Babi Guling”. You can either return by taxi or you can contact us and we will send our driver.


I was a bit skeptical at first but after a short time we were like a big family and just had fun. Of course it was unusual to eat with your fingers but it was definitely an experience!