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Climb the Volcano

Enjoy the sunrise over Bali in the morning

Climb the Volcano

What would a stay in Bali be without visiting one of the active volcanoes there.
A special experience is the ascent of a volcano at night to enjoy the sunrise over Bali in the morning.
An absolutely unique experience. Of course, you can also look into the crater of the volcano.

For this trip, it is important that our guests are fit, because it goes up to around 1700 meters. In a march of several hours you will climb the volcano. Light? Only the moon and your flashlight!

You need good shoes, a warm jacket or sweater (on the summit are often only 10 – 15 degrees Celsius)

You are never alone on the summit. Many tourists climb it every day and a few monkey families live there, so sunglasses and similar items should be protected against theft. The monkeys are faster than you think!

Depending on the time remaining after the descent, you can still swim in the hot springs at the foot of the volcano. These springs are heated solely by the volcano. Also a special experience!